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10 ways to say I love you

There are lots of amorous gestures available to those who want to treat their partners, from special dinners to romantic days out. Here are 10 of the best ways to say “I love you” to that special someone.

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Take a river cruise

There’s something undeniably romantic about floating on water with the one you love. Surprise your partner with a river cruise and watch their delight as they take in the views. You can take to the Thames in London or Oxford, with added extras like an on-board lunch or jazz entertainment.

Enjoy afternoon tea for two

A pot of tea, sandwiches and scrumptious cakes are the key to many a food-lover’s heart! Afternoon tea is a decadent experience you can enjoy with that special someone. You could even combine tea with a tour of Sandringham, Windsor Castle or Kew Gardens.

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Cuddle at a concert

If your loved one loves live music, they’ll be bowled over by tickets to a concert. You can keep each other warm at an outdoor evening concert in summer, and even take a CD home as a memento.

Book a Champagne ride on the London Eye

Your partner will be amazed by the views from your capsule on the London Eye. Take their breath away with a 30-minute ride complete with a glass of Champagne. A high-flying way to show how much you care.

Do dinner and a show

There are so many fabulous shows you will be spoilt for choice when picking what to see – from Blood Brothers and Shrek The Musical to The Wizard of Oz and The Lion King. Combine this with a romantic meal for two beforehand.

Pack up a picnic

On a warm summer’s day a picnic hits the spot. You can do it yourself with a rug, hamper and well-chosen field, or leave it to the experts to arrange. To make it an even more memorable  day gift vouchers for your love’s favourite shop could be hidden in the picnic basket.

Do a tandem bungee jump

Is your favourite person an adrenaline junkie? Then treat them to a thrilling experience like a bungee jump and join in too! You can be strapped together by the ankles and take the big leap together. A story to tell the future grandchildren.

Spell out your love in the sand

Take a trip to the seaside and show the whole beach how you feel. Send your partner off to buy ice creams, then grab a stick and write out your very own special message in the sand.

Record a mix tape

Prove just how well you know your other half by putting all of their favourite tunes onto a compilation disc. The modern-day equivalent of a mix tape could be a CD or even a USB stick.

Post a hand-made card

Take the time to draw or paint a picture and write a special message or even a poem inside for your loved one. The surprised look on their face when they open it will be priceless.


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